Civil Litigation

Civil litigation can be stressful, not only with time and finances, but also on a personal level.  Most civil litigations are among neighbors, friends, business partners and others where trust has been broken.  Settling in court can end those relationships, but luckily, many civil disputes can be settled out of court with less negative personal impact. 

Civil matters can involve a variety of situations, including breach of contract or small claims to simple disagreements and liability.  No matter the scenario, disruption of peace of mind is a serious issue for everyone involved.

Get your peace of mind back from the start.  When you consult an attorney before any action is taken, you learn your rights within the law and understand the best course of action to protect you, your family, your home and even your business.  The biggest mistake people make is attempting resolution themselves to ease the tension, without knowing how to protect their own interests.  Unfortunately, matters usually get worse and the pain, time and cost dramatically increase.  At Tressler & Associates, our attorneys can save you time, money and peace of mind, easing your concerns and representing you in mediation or court.


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