Criminal Litigation

Whether you knowingly or unknowingly committed a crime, have been falsely accused, or happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, Tressler & Associates can provide you peace of mind immediately by helping you understand your rights and represent you in an efficient manner in accordance with the law.  From misdemeanors to felony arrests, our team can be there to ensure your case is properly handled in the system while keeping your best interests in mind.

There are three things to remember if you ever do find yourself under arrest:

            1 - Make NO statements to the police regarding the situation
            2 - Remain calm
            3 - Call your attorney immediately

Sadly, even innocent people make statements that unfortunately are used against them in front of a jury, contributing to the case of guilt.  Keeping quiet can be critical to your case, but difficult in intimidating moments with law enforcement.  Working with Tressler & Associates immediately allows your attorney to proceed quickly on your behalf, thus providing you the best peace of mind possible during a trying time.


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