General Counsel

In the past, attorneys offered a wide range of services that fell under a more general heading. The attorneys at Tressler & Associates do more than just close the sale of a home or help with estate planning. Our clients understand that because we take the time to know them personally, we can help them in many different ways.

New laws are being put into place on a regular basis, and this often creates confusion and uncertainty.  From family disputes to landlord/tenant rights, from employer paperwork to IRS letters, incidents may occur that can bring questions to a head that we can answer for you.  Let Tressler and Associates give you the proper guidance necessary for you to uphold your legal obligations, while preserving your innocence, assets and even relationships.

When you find yourself asking, "what do I do now? or "how do I know...? or even "where do I go to handle this?, call an attorney. You may ultimately not need one, but whatever your situation is, protecting your rights from the start is always the best course of action to secure your peace of mind.


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