Date: 26/06/2019
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12 Days of Giving Day 3: Jonathan Tinsley chose Westland Tutoring Ministry

"Westland United Methodist, has an organization of maybe a dozen or so adults who volunteer their time to help local children. Some of these volunteers go to an elementary school near our church on a certain day of the week and pick up children who want to attend. The children walk back to the church with some of the adults. The children then eat snacks and do some physical activities before they are helped with learning fairly basic elementary school concepts. Many of these children are ones who may be behind in their learning for whatever reason and need outside support. In addition to tutoring, they are introduced to the church. The ministry is fairly new but has already grown to almost capacity. Many more volunteers and resources are needed. Children are so important and many times they are over looked for local ministries and this type of help." Donate To Westland Tutoring Ministry " Jonathan Tinsley

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