Date: 15/11/2018
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12 Days of Giving Day 10: Brittany Dugas chose Children's Miracle Network

"Throughout college I served as an Ambassador for the Children's Miracle Network. I was able to raise money and spend many hours volunteering in the cancer ward for a Children's Miracle Network hospital in New Orleans. I saw firsthand what this amazing organization does for sick children. Not only do they make it possible for these children to receive treatment, but they create an environment in these hospital's that allow sick children to feel like every other child out there. It was amazing to spend time watching these children paint, dance, sing, play chef, play doctor, dress up, sprinkle glitter all of the floor, celebrate all holidays and most importantly laugh. It is truly a testament to this organization and I am honored to donate to them this holiday season." Donate to Children's Miracle Network

To read more about our 12 Days of Giving at Tressler & Associates Click Here

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