Date: 24/06/2018
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12 Days of Giving 2016 Day 1: Melissa Eddy chose Dreams and Wishes of Tennessee

"Dreams and Wishes of Tennessee is a 501 c (3) Wish Granting organization founded in 2013.  We grant wishes to kids that have relapsed from cancer and wishes to young adults 18-21 that are newly diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. We've currently granted 20 wishes since inception and have an additional 27 kids approved and on the list waiting for their wish.  

The reasons I choose to support this organization include: it's a state organization--so, I know the communities that the recipients live in; and I believe that it helps empower the children and young adults that are facing these diagnosis', a positive outlook is exactly what they need! " - Melissa Eddy
To Learn more and donate to this worthy cause visit their website: