Tuesday, 15 September 2015
Domestic Assault, includes people you would never imagine

It is not uncommon for client to contact our office in regards to being charged with a domestic assault.  In many instances the people are shocked by the fact they were charged with the crime of domestic assault and also shocked with some of the punishments for domestic assault.  Among other things, if you are convicted of Domestic Assault, it is very likely that you will be required to terminate your possession of firearms, as well as you could be sentenced to serve 11 months 29 days in jail. 

This is especially troublesome for the client when they enjoy the sport of hunting.  A Domestic Assault charge most of the time comes about when two people get in a scuffle where no one is seriously injured and a lot of times it is caused and initiated equally by both participants. 

The surprise of Domestic Assault charge, instead of a regular assault charge, comes about depending on who it involves.  Tennessee statutory law makes an assault between two individuals a Domestic assault when it involves: individuals who are current or former spouses (no surprise!); however, it also includes:  adults or minors who live together or who have lived together; adults or minors who are dating or have dated or who have had sexual relations with one another; adults or minors related by blood or adoption; adults or minors related or were formerly related by marriage; or adult or minor children of a person in a relationship described above.  

According to the law, almost everyone has been involved in domestic assaults by getting into scuffles as children with their siblings or other violations of the above list!  If you have been charged with a crime please contact us today.

Our law firm has successfully represented clients charged with Domestic Assault.  If you have been charged with a crime and need Lawyer to Represent You in a Criminal Law Case we can help! To Read More about our Criminal Litigation Services - Click Here




Posted on 09/15/2015 11:04 AM by Jonathan Tinsley
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