Monday, 21 March 2016
DUI Forced Blood Draw

If you are pulled over in Tennessee for suspected DUI, many people know about the entertaining roadside tests that officers are trained to perform in an attempt to determine if you are impaired or not.  Unfortunately, many of these tests are not very good indicators and even performance by sober people is typically not good.   After the officer has performed the roadside tests and determined that you are impaired, you typically had two choices:

1.  Take a blood test; OR
2.  Refuse to take a blood test. 

Of course if you refused to take the blood test you would then be charged with Failure to Consent and DUI, instead of just DUI.  It would then be up to the state to prove that you were in fact impaired and guilty of DUI.  It was much more difficult to prove you were guilty of DUI without the blood test. 

In recent years this has changed, now if an officer has probable cause to believe that you are impaired he can seek a search warrant and force you to give blood even if you refuse.  This can make matters much more difficult on the accused and greatly increases the need for competent representation.  Our firm has seen this threatened by law enforcement officials to get the accused to consent to a blood draw.  The best solution is not to drink and drive at all.  However, if you have been charged with DUI it is very important to have your case reviewed by an attorney.  If you are accused of a crime call our office immediately. 

Our law firm has successfully represented clients charged with DUI.  If you have been charged with a crime and need Lawyer to Represent You in a Criminal Law Case we can help! To Read More about our Criminal Litigation Services - Click Here


Posted on 03/21/2016 1:44 PM by Jonathan Tinsley
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