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A Plan for the Future

Everyone needs to have their estate plans in order, regardless of their age and health. Many people delay planning their estate because they’re not sure where to begin or are afraid of unknown costs. At Tressler & Associates, we take the time to understand your needs and unique situation before taking any transactional steps. 

Planning your estate may feel overwhelming, but we’ve created an estate planning bundle to help getting started easier. Our team guides you through the process so you understand all your options and make the best decisions for the future. 

Estate Planning Bundle

The estate planning bundle includes a will, a durable power of attorney, a health power of attorney, and a living will. These necessary legal documents allow you to record all your wishes and ensure your assets are distributed the way you want.

Before you start estate planning it helps to know what these important documents can do for you and your family. 

Last Will and Testament

A will states your intentions for your assets after you pass away. In this document you will detail how you would like your assets distributed. Families with minor children can also state who will be their guardian. There are several types of wills in Tennessee, and which one is right for you will vary depending on your needs and plans for the future. No need to worry, our team can help you determine which type of will best fits your families needs, so you can keep moving forward. 

Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA)

A durable power of attorney (DPOA) is a type of power of attorney that allows you to appoint someone you trust to make important decisions for you should you ever be unable to do so yourself. You can choose whoever you believe is most fit for this role, such as a spouse, a family member, a friend or even your attorney. By establishing a DPOA you can determine what aspects they can control. You can divide DPOA responsibilities. You could choose one person to manage your medical care and someone else to manage your finances, or they can be the same person. Regardless of who you choose as your DPOA, you will have a voice should illness or an accident prevent you from making decisions. 

Health Power of Attorney or Medical Power of Attorney

A health power of attorney or medical power of attorney is the person who will determine your medical care and treatment when you require it but are unable to communicate your wishes yourself.  A DPOA for healthcare can go into effect even when you’re expected to recover from your incapacitated state. You can state what type of treatment and care you are for or against, and your DPOA for healthcare is required to follow these wishes when making your medical decisions. The document allows you to designate who can have access to your medical documents if you are hospitalized and who can provide consent for needed treatment. The treatment you want to receive may be difficult for some loved ones to accept, so you need to ensure the person you choose will respect them, even if they are difficult to make. 

Living Will

A living will is used to ensure you receive the end-of-life care you want when you are incapacitated. This document ensures your final wishes are protected and your family is informed when making difficult end-of-life decisions. 

Your peace of mind starts here

Thinking about life after you’re gone can be hard. You’re not alone. Most find it challenging to work through all the “what if” conversations. While it can be a challenge, the time you take to make a plan ensures wishes will be respected and your loved ones are able to have the guidance and protection they need to make decisions to move forward. Our estate planning bundle offers you an easy and affordable way to start planning your future today. You will never regret having peace of mind.