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Tressler & Associates, PLLC Announces Launch of Bundled Legal Services

Tressler & Associates, PLLC today announced the launch of a new range of bundled legal services available to clients in Tennessee. The new line of legal services consists of five affordable bundles, including new business set up for rising entrepreneurs, contract review, estate planning, legal advice, as well as a real estate bundle for property owners who choose to sell without broker representation. 

The legal bundles are the first product launch since the company began in November 2009.  

“I am so pleased our firm is able to offer a new legal experience to our community,” said Todd Tressler, Founder and CEO of Tressler & Associates, PLLC. “I founded Tressler & Associates to help bring compassion, service and honor back to the profession I love. Our flat fees and bundles offer our community legal solutions that are both approachable and accessible. Our new approach breaks down industry barriers and provides an opportunity to rebuild trust in the legal profession and meet a need, ” he added.

Since its inception, Tressler & Associates has maintained its commitment to be different from traditional law firms. 

“Too often people are afraid to contact a law firm because they assume the costs are too high, the services are too hard to understand, and the attorneys are too out of touch, ” said Megan Climer, Chief Marketing Officer of Tressler and Associates, PLLC. “We believe our clients deserve access to legal solutions with the highest standard of legal expertise without the fear of unknown financial commitments. By reviewing our most requested services, we have been able to create focused service bundles that include all the legal documentation, experienced counsel and support our clients need to resolve their matters without the worry of costly hourly fees.”

The firm’s practice is focused in business law, estate planning and real estate law. Tressler openly publishes their pricing and fees for their services on their website. 

“It’s not often you find prices listed on a law firm’s website, ” said Tressler, “but we’re not like most law firms. We understand people make better decisions when they are fully informed, which is why we openly share our pricing and fees. We want people to feel confident before making a decision. We never want the fear of costs to prevent our team from helping others.”

In the coming weeks, Tressler plans to release a series of free digital resources to offer more education around their bundles and practice areas. Digital downloads, blogs, webinars and a new podcast will be available on their new website which launched in March 2023. 

For more information about Tressler & Associates, PLLC legal services and bundles visit