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Eviction Notices

Landlord-Tenant Law is an area of law where so many decide to represent themselves without guidance from a lawyer. It seems like a good idea to some because they will save on attorney fees. However, most of the time, it ends up costing them much more in the long run. Landlord-Tenant law is a minefield of potential mistakes. Just figuring out which set of laws applies to the county you live in Tennessee can be challenging, even when only considering eviction notices.

Find out why having an experienced real estate lawyer assist with Landlord-Tenant matters is in your best interest.

What Issues Can Landlords Face?

One area where we constantly see Landlords making a mistake is with eviction notices. Landlords especially choose to misrepresent themselves by either not using an eviction notice or using them incorrectly. If a Landlord uses an eviction notice incorrectly or not at all, it can lead to a dismissal of the Landlord’s case from court. This can cost the Landlord a significant amount of money. It can also possibly open the Landlord up to a lawsuit for Wrongful Eviction.

Tennessee law requires a Landlord to give a non-paying tenant an eviction notice. In most cases, the Landlord must give the Tenant an opportunity to cure their non-payment. This ability must also be clearly set out in the notice. The law sets out specific days and other matters which must be in an eviction letter. We do not recommend that you try to traverse this area of the law alone. If you see a potential legal matter concerning your rental properties, please call a real estate attorney at our office immediately.


If have a rental property and need help with an eviction or have any other legal situation, contact us and we would be glad to find the best option for your situation.

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