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New to Town? There May Be Entirely Different Laws

I recently spent some time in Florida.  Amidst the beautiful, blue skies, I also learned about a lot of Florida laws.  Although I am not licensed in Florida and I cannot give legal advice on Florida law, I can say that I was amazed that the differences between Tennessee and Florida.  Being from the Sunshine State, I travel frequently between Nashville and Florida.  Until this trip, I had never thought about how I am stepping into an entirely different set of laws by which I must abide when my plane crosses the Tennessee border.  However, the truth is, no two states are alike in their laws.  Don’t misunderstand me, of course there are many similarities, but state laws also vary greatly.

So, were you born in Tennessee or did you move here during your adult life?  For many Tennesseans, especially those in Nashville and surrounding areas, the answer would be the latter option.  Middle Tennessee has experienced incredible growth during the past couple of decades.  Considering that growth, I ask those who fall in that second category, have you had all of your legal documents reviewed since moving to Tennessee?

It is for this reason that it is important to have any legal documents re-evaluated when you move.  Maybe all of your documents will be in line with Tennessee law, but if they are not, you need to know.  Bring in those old Wills, Trusts, business documents, or whatever else might be hiding in your filing cabinet, and we will gladly take a look.  We would love the opportunity to then advise you on what steps are necessary, if any, to bring those documents in line with Tennessee law.

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