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Our Commitment to Building Community

What does it mean to be community-focused?

For Tressler & Associates it means we work every day to care for and support the people and organizations that make our community home. Our commitment to transform civic service with faith, love and gratitude impacts every decision we make. Because we believe true civic duty goes beyond our job descriptions – it reaches out and finds where there is a need.

There are many ways we can serve one another in our hometowns. At Tressler & Associates, we put our hearts into action with three important organizations who do incredible work to support and educate our local community.

The Joshua Chamberlain Society

The Joshua Chamberlain Society adopts wounded veterans and the families of deceased veterans and commits to providing support for the long term.

When American service members are wounded in combat, their lives are changed forever. And when our service members make the ultimate sacrifice, their families need support and security. The Joshua Chamberlain Society helps severely wounded veterans live full, vibrant lives despite their injuries. They ensure the families of the fallen are offered support and security today and in the future.

With the help of generous donors, JCS “adopts” severely wounded veterans – those who have suffered traumatic brain injuries, lost a limb or multiple limbs, or both – as well as the families of those service members who sacrificed their lives in service to our country. JCS provides real, tangible support for these individuals and families not only in the present, but also five, ten, twenty or more years down the line. Years from now, they will still feel the support of a community grateful for their sacrifices.

To learn more or join us in supporting the Joshua Chamberlain Society visit https://www.chamberlainsociety.org/donate/.

Empower Me Center

Empower Me Center transforms the lives of individuals with special needs through activities and opportunities for growth in a safe, secure environment while providing community education on disabilities and inclusiveness.

At Empower Me Center, they create opportunities in an accepting, therapeutic space year-round that caters to the needs of all their participants and provides them with the same opportunities as those in their peer groups without disabilities. They offer six weekly summer day camp sessions and other year-round activities personalized to meet individuals’ behavioral and medical needs. Each program provides a safe, positive learning and social environment for children and young adults ages five years and older.

Empower Me Center works with individuals with disabilities including, but not limited to: Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Cancer, Epilepsy, Fragile X Syndrome, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from physical or sexual abuse, Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Depression, Blindness, Deafness, Microencephaly, and Schizophrenia, Down Syndrome, Tuberous Sclerosis, Smith-Magenis Syndrome, and Angelman Syndrome.

To learn more or join us in supporting Empower Me Center visit https://www.empowermecenter.com/donate/.

The Tennessee Arts Academy

The Tennessee Arts Academy is the nation’s premier professional development institute for arts educations. A program of the Tennessee Department of Education, the Academy has been held annually since 1986 at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Academy trains more than 325 educators each summer, directly impacting 150,000 to 200,000 students each year in classrooms across the country. Since 1986, more than 7500 teachers trained by TAA have touched the lives of over 3 million students. Teachers return to the classroom better equipped to provide Tennessee students with the necessary skills and experiences to become creative and productive members of our workforce and society.

To learn more or join us in supporting The Tennessee Arts Academy visit https://www.tnartsacademy.org.

A Community Focused

Building a community starts with awareness – awareness of self and of others. To identify where we could impact our community, we spent some time to answer these three questions:

  • What are we passionate about?
  • What gifts, talents and resources can we share to make a positive impact?
  • What opportunities are in our community that allow us to put our hearts into action?

You can answer these same questions. We can all be a community focused on putting our hearts in action, and together, we can build a community we all love to call home.